Create movies from your camera roll.

Choose an effect and create.

pixelstitch slide-show

HD movies

iStitch will output video resolutions up to HD (1920x1080).


Share your new movie, to your favourtie social media service.

Play anywhere

All movies created use industry standard H264 compression.

What Our Users Say About iStitch?

pixelstitch movie maker

Trisha Sydney.

Having four growing children, this app is great for creating nice video presentations when we have family events. We can share the videos on facebook or instagram and email them to the grandparents.

pixelstitch iPhone

Sara Falavigna.

I take a lot of pictures with my phone and iStitch lets me make quick video presentations to share with my friends. I really really like the effects idea as i can super quickly choose what kind of look i want for my movie and boom, it's done.

pixelstitch iPad

George Brown.

On a night out with the girls we can take 100's of images. iStitch gives me the ability to quickly present some of my favourites as a movie. It even alows me to choose a music track. I can then share this with the world.

pixelstitch iPod Touch

Trudy London.

I live on the other side of the planet away from family and friends, and with three fast growing children. I found the iStitch app very handy to make quick video presentations i could send to loved ones so they could watch my children grow too.

iStitch effects

These are some of the effects available.

pixelstitch new1


  • any number of images (pro) and/or
  • any number of videos (pro)

Combine images and video into a single movie file. Demo

pixelstitch news2


  • 6 images (landscape)
  • none

Taking 6 images (landscape) from your camera roll, this effect will create a cube from the images supplied. Random faces are chosen and the cube is then animated to show each face. Demo

pixelstitch news3


  • 15 images (landscape)
  • 5 videos or 25 seconds (whichever is first)

15 images from your camera roll are combined together into a wall of images (5x3). The created movie displays these images individually on the screen. Demo

pixelstitch news4


  • From 4 (min) to 20 (max, device dependent) landscape images
  • none

Creates a carousel of images and compiles them into a movie with audio and some title copy of your choice. Demo

pixelstitch news5

Slide In

  • 6 images (max) and/or
  • 6 videos or 25 seconds (whichever is first)

Image or video visual elements (portrait or landscape) slide in from the left and right of screen. Demo

pixelstitch news6


  • 6 images (max) and/or
  • 6 videos or 25 seconds (whichever is first)

Image or video visual elements (portrait or landscape) float on screen. Demo

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